Made to measure realizations

The essence of Laurameroni: the combination of the shapes, materials, solutions and dimensions of every room, with an artistic and craftmade style.



New York


New York




Office center Bolzano - Italy

Large design panels act as spectacular wings: the sliding panels, designed to divide the spaces with elegance, give the idea of a rippled surface when closed thanks to the play of volumes they create and their engraving.

Private house Paris - France

Rosewood panelling in this large bedroom hides many surprises: when closed, it looks like a single surface but its panels hide both the bathroom door and the built-in wardrobe doors.

Silver Place - New York

Extremely elegant rosewood panelling ties together the glass and steel components of the lobby in this upmarket New York residence. All the components are panelled to give a harmonious and classy feel.

Private house Munich - Germany

Elegant and functional: the oak's lustre is the key focus point in the hall to this German home, where the Decor panel demonstrates its versatility as a cover for walls, hinged or sliding doors and wardrobe doors.

Rector Place Hotel - New York

The luxurious lobby with marble floors and an imposing chandelier features elegant rosewood panels from the Decor collection: an eclectic mix of different materials, styles and tastes that gives a strikingly unique outcome.

Private House - Moscow - Russia

Everything is made to measure. Every aspect is studied in details. The design of the creations gives the proportions to this apartment where rosewood and burnished copper enrich the spaces where they are used.

Private House - Varenna - Italy

The unique combination of the shapes, materials, solutions and dimensions of every room, gives an artistic and craftmade style to every element for an astonishing result in such a beautiful lakeside villa.

Showroom - Milan - italy

The elements of this model-apartment create a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere where the different furniture are combined with naturalness: the carved wall panels, the wrinkled fabrics cladding the big ottoman, the precious sideboard, the extraordinary kitchen.

Lounge Living Project