Drapé Collection

11 July 2017

Designed by Bartoli Design, Drapé Collection is a sensory, unusual range of ottomans, armchairs and sofas upholstered in splendid draped leathers or velvets. The inimitable and keen-to-detail production is reminiscent of the haute couture creations, where every single pleat is the result of the exceptional and accurate tailoring skill of the artisan.

The Drapé Collection, available in several leathers or velvets, is an invitation to seat on it and to perceive the preciousness and uniqueness of its ruched surface just to the touch. The special tailoring work is instantly recognizable and makes every product unique, resulting in a look that is both casual and luxurious.

The soft draped lines, rippling the surface, and the extremely comfortable seat characterize the Drapé seating solutions, perfect for elegant private or public spaces. Only an extraordinary creativity and a meticulous production technique can shape such luxurious products.