Fuorisalone Via Durini 2019

17 April 2019

During Milan Design Week 2019, LAURAMERONI renewed the Via Durini 19 showroom and reinterpreted the combination of "Design" and "Art", presenting the new furnishing proposals and hosting artworks of contemporary artists.

What emerges from this symbiotic and profound union is a tangible and visible portrait of how our “Be different be unique” furnishing philosophy and the selected artistic works express themselves in an exclusive and coherent scenic language where character, uniqueness and the strong personality of the exhibited products and of the individual artists blend together.


The artistic works of Alessandra Aita, Gian Piero Gasparini, Lucia Marchesin and Camille Pozzo di Borgo are perfectly integrated into the rooms, revealing a clear harmony with the furnishing elements. 


The whole suggestive decoration easily leads to a new artistic experience: gaze, mind and emotions chase each other, manifesting in a decisive and irreverent way the personal peculiarities and multiple facets of each individual artist and enhancing the “Be different be unique" atmosphere  which is perceived throughout the exhibition space.