Jorrit Tornquist /


Jorrit Tornquist was born in 1938 in Graz, Austria.  Since 1992, he has also become an Italian citizen. He is above all a painter. He teaches light-colour at Milan Polytechnic, Faculty of Industrial Design, at the Faculty of Architecture in Graz and in the Carrara Academy in Bergamo. He has been studying colours and perception for forty years.
He started from a very scientific and ecological approach, based on accurate experiments on colour, density and clarity and on the analysis of the complementary effects, according to the Concrete Art tradition. Subsequently, the artist became aware of the insufficiency of art, which was limited to geometric and programmed projects. Therefore, Tornquist elaborated his own "Theory of Colour", based on his technical knowledge, together with personal sensibility and studies about colours effects on mood. The merger of scientific and psychological elements in the work, his attempt to conciliate the colour structural-chromatic value with the sensitive-affective value, in fact, are the artist's actual innovations.