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Salon Interior
August 2012

The elegant Orchestra System modular Sofa and our Decor Wall panels by Bartoli Design featured on Salon Interior Russia - August 2012 issue.

Icon Magazine
November 2010

Our metal console desk ST 21 M completely clad in polished steel featured in Icon magazine - November 2010 issue.

Brava Casa
October 2010

Our iconic BD 11 sideboard in carved wood by Bartoli Design featured in Brava Casa magazine - October 2010 issue.

August 2010

Discover our carved Decor wall panels with lacquered hanging units featured on DECORS magazine - August 2010 issue.

Salon Russia
April 2004

The Decor wall panels and doors by Bartoli Design featured in Salon Russia - April 2012 issue.

Luxury in Living
January 2004

Il tavolino SA 05 di Sottsass Associati, che coniuga lusso essenziale e cultura contemporanea, presentato sul libro "Luxury in Living" - anno 2004.

Designing the 21st Century
January 2001

The Maxima BD 11 sideboard by Bartoli Design featured on "Designing the 21st Century" book - year 2001.

ADI Design Index
January 2000

The iconic BD 10 Maxima sideboard with textured surface featured on the prestigious ADI Design Index Magazine - year 2000.