Phybra: Energy and Romance

24 January 2018

Phybra represents the synthesis between Fabrizio Giugiaro’s thirty years of successful experience in automotive and industrial design and Laurameroni accurate style research and excellence in materials choice. The carbon fiber strength and attractiveness combine with the StoneOak wood uniqueness to shape a sideboard that is at the same time sporty and luxurious, elegant yet aggressive. Phybra is energy and romance in a single product: a true example of design innovation and skilled craftsmanship.

The doors and legs are made entirely of carbon fiber with a red thread inlaid into the dark pattern. The dynamism of this product is conveyed by the red frame that connects the carbon doors to the wooden structure creating a three-dimensional effect. The removable trays and the almost invisible hinges exemplify our extreme attention to functionality and to the tiniest details.

The elegance of the StoneOak - a fossil wood recovered from trees slipped underground and protected for years under layers of clay - perfectly matches the sporty look of the carbon fiber used with two different technologies: sandwich processing for the doors and full for the legs.