Tailor-made solutions

Laurameroni offers to the most ambitious customers a tailor-made service where every single element acts in creating unique and customised ambients turning the most linear and simple shapes into works of artistic skilful craftsmanship. A service that makes the product unique: the difference between atelier and prêt-à-porter.



Lodha Altamount
Mumbai, India

The Lodha Altamount building, located in one of the most exclusive streets in the world, is furnished with our Decor Wall Panels.

Rector Place
New York, USA

Rector Place in New York is a sophisticated residential building where you can find our Decor Wall Panels by Bartoli Design.

Company Office
Bolzano, Italy

In this Bolzano company offices, you can see our Decor System by Bartoli Design combining Wall Panels, Sliding Doors, and Hinged Doors in teak wood.

Private Villa
Los Angeles, USA

Our Bellagio kitchen and Decor panels and doors characterize this luxury villa in Los Angeles.

Private Villa
Moscow, Russia

This villa, located in Moscow, has been furnished with several Laurameroni products, from our wooden to the metal products.

Luxury Flat
Moscow, Russia

The distinguishing Bamboo Wall Panels and Doors create a dynamic effect through this luxury flat in Moscow.

Luxury Flat
Munich, Germany

In this luxury flat in Munich, the wood is the key element of the environment, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Private Apartment
Paris, France

In this private apartment in Paris we can see Decor Wall Panels in rosewood, featuring the elegant and unique horizontal Decor carving.

Lake Villa
Varenna, Italy

In this wonderful villa in the exclusive Como Lake area we can see an elegant environment fully furnished by Laurameroni.

Show Flat
Como, Italy

Our showroom in Alzate Brianza ise an apartment fully furnished by Laurameroni where different materials fuse together.

Show Flat
Milan, Italy

Our Milan showroom is an exclusive flat in the city centre, in the Durini Design District.

Silver Towers
New York, USA

Silver Towers in New York are two exclusive buildings with luxury flats to rent, placed in one of the most important districts of the city.

Luxury Boutique
Milan, Italy

In this refined boutique, the drapè poufs represent an elegant and luxurious touch which adds even more value to the aesthetically glamorous space decoration.

Showroom Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Holland

Installed in the most renowned furniture showroom of Amsterdam, both Decor and Terre wall panels distinguish themselves from other solutions thanks to Laurameroni’s strong vocation for the treatment of materials and surfaces.

Corporate Office
Monza, Italy

In this modern and elegant corporate office, the Italian design studio Bartoli Design realized a customized solution for their customers using our wall paneling, cabinets and doors systems.

Luxury Flat
London, UK

In this project in Canary Wharf, London the handmade brass lamps Tubo Sospensione have been used in group to create an unique chandelier.

First Class Lounge
Hong Kong

The Pier First Class Lounge of Cathay Pacific crafted by London-based StudioIlse and now rated as the world’s best first class lounge, features the Tubo Sospensione MF 40 suspension lamps.

Corporate Office
Kiev, Ukraine

In this Corporate Office in Kiev, the extensive use of teak wood carved Decor wall panels combine perfectly with the burnished brass custom reception desk.