New Lighting Catalogue 2020

12 июня 2020

In 2013 Laurameroni presented the Elements Collection encompassing our first set of lamps, each one characterized by its own specific identity, following our "be different be unique" philosophy.

It’s a unique collection of lamps which falls outside the usual parameters of an industrial product in terms of its conception and materials. While each object has its own particular identity, the collection is designed so that each lamp can be included into a larger interior scenario.

The forms are simple and bold—minimal—offset by a strong materiality, revealing their unique character.

We announce the new version of the 2020 lighting catalogue with all the new lamps collection.

A sophisticated design and the usual attention to materials remain the distinctive features of our lamps. Special attention is paid to metals, in particular to brass and copper – hand-crafted for enhancing their precious essence – as well as to new solutions, such as the use of parchment.

All our lamps are exclusively hand-made in Italy with precious natural materials and use modern certified lighting LED technologies.