Live a unique Italian experience

11 октября 2018

Few places are as romantic as Como Lake, and even fewer resorts as beautiful as Bellagio, which are few steps away from our company headquarter. Called the “Pearl of the Lake”, Bellagio lake offers wonderful views. The weather is warm, ideal for a relaxing holiday. Thanks to its picturesque position, in the middle of two legs of Como lake, the town has become one of the first holiday destination of northern Italy, since Ancient Romans Period.

We invite you, in this beautiful and calm period of the year, to consider living an Italian experience. You will be visiting our unique territory, tasting our extraordinary cuisine and discover more about our company and production by visiting our headquarter and renovated showrooms with the latest collection displayed. 

The peculiarity of Brianza’s landscapes, the breadth of horizons, the beautiful views towards the first mountain ridges and mild climate of the Lake of Como blend with the scent of wood, with clouds of sawdust scattered on the shop floor, the infinite patience of the artisan who is capable of creating furniture masterpieces.

It is in this unique land that the LAURAMERONI project was born, inspired by quality craftsmanship that has evolved over time, combining tradition and originality, taste for manual skills and creative imagination, and the use the latest technology to keep up in the world the great value of the “Made in Italy” tradition. 

Come to discover our territory, visit our headquarter, touch the latest collections of refined furniture: live a truly unique Italian experience.